Hannah and Jonathan


Eeeek! Our first blog post! I’m so excited! 

Anyway, we had the pleasure of working with Hannah and Jonathan this past month in Joshua Tree.

Me (Tayia) and Hannah had been following each other on Instagram for a while since I had previously bought some awesome galaxy cat leggings from her. She found out I was a photographer and we later set up this shoot in Joshua Tree for her boyfriend Jonathan’s birthday. 


The shoot was so fun! We were freezing, we all couldn’t feel our fingers, and the wind was knocking us over. But the whole experience was a blast! Me and Joe had been dying to shoot in Joshua for so long! It did not disappoint. 

The whole time you could see how in love these two are. The whole day was filled with laughter and loving looks between the two of them. With the wind, orange sunlight, and genuine smiles.. we couldn’t have asked for a better Joshua Tree experience.  


We were so excited to be able to shoot with this lovely couple and now we are so blessed to call them friends!

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